Halloween Sale


Problem statement

straight forward hackerrank problem where we have to calculate the number of gifts one can buy with given amount.

Photo by Bekir Dönmez on Unsplash

Lets move toward the code,we will have to declare two variables n and count with intially value n=p and count =0.

We will use a while loop which will run a long as the value of n is less than or equal to s. ”n” will hold the cost of each gift after the discount has been deducted.After purchasing the first gift without any discount ,we will deduct d from p and store it again in p. Then we will check whether the value of p is less than or equal to m,as per the condition give if this condition is statisfy we will add m to n and increment the counter by.In the else-part we will add p to n and increment the counter by 1.As the loop runs out we will return count which will hold the number of gifts we have purchased in the given pocket money.

“ If you learn self-control, you can master anything.”
quote which sums up todays time where exercising self control has become so difficult.Keep learning and Keep hustling…(Cheers:-PN)



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